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M36401 - Four Things You Should Be Doing to Care For Your Extensions
When you have high-quality hair extensions from Loxxie installed professionally or on your own, you want to be sure that you’re taking care of your hair so it looks great and lasts for a long time. However, caring for your hair extensions takes a little more work and effort than simply brushing your hair and shampooing! At Loxxie, we’re here to help our customers care for their hair extensions so they stay looking beautiful and healthy, just like your real hair, which is why we’ve created a quick guide on four things you should be doing to care for your hair extensions. Read more here today and get started shopping for your high-quality hair extensions online!
Image of hair in a braid

Put Hair into a Ponytail or Braid at Bedtime

Sleeping can be hard on your hair, and that especially includes your hair extensions. To protect your extensions from tangles, split ends, and breakage, you should be putting your hair into a low, loose ponytail or braid before you go to sleep. In addition to protecting your hair with a nightly hairstyle, it’s also a good idea to get yourself a satin or silk pillowcase. If you tend to sweat while you sleep, the satin or silk material will help to keep you cooler and because it’s a low friction fabric, your hair is less likely to get caught or break while you sleep. If you sleep with a partner in bed, having your hair in a ponytail or braid will also help prevent them from accidentally rolling over on your hair, too!
Brush Your Extensions Before Washing

Brush Your Extensions Before Washing

Yes, you can wash your hair extensions! Because they are high-quality, your hair extensions can be washed to ensure that you don’t have product build-up, natural hair oils, or dirt in your hair. However, to keep them from tangling and getting damaged during the washing process, you should be sure to brush your hair before getting in the shower. This ensures that your hair is detangled and all natural oils are distributed evenly throughout your hair.
Use Sulfate-Free Products

Use Sulfate-Free Products

Keeping those naturally good-for-you oils in your hair doesn’t mean you have to stop washing your hair or your hair extensions! Instead, you can help to protect your hair and your installed extensions by switching out any of your hair care products that contain sulfates. Sulfates are a chemical compound that tend to dry out the shafts of your hair, leaving it frizzy, easy to break, and looking dull. Instead, by using sulfate-free products on your hair and your extensions especially, you’ll enjoy healthy-looking, shiny hair and extensions that feel great.
Image of a girl with conditioner

Only Apply Conditioner to Your Ends

One of the many mistakes people make when caring for their hair and their extensions is applying conditioner all over their hair and scalp. Don’t do this! While conditioner is important to apply to your hair after shampooing, the key to healthy, clean, soft, and shining hair and extensions is to only apply your conditioner to the mid-shafts and ends of your hair. Applying conditioner to your scalp can lead to a buildup of oils due to your body’s natural scalp oil production, and that in turn can lead to greasy-looking roots, itchy or uncomfortable extension installation spots, and even scalp acne. Keep your hair shining and healthy with high-quality conditioners, applied only to your ends.
At Loxxie, we’re here to help you keep your hair extensions looking their best! As a dedicated provider of beauty supply hair extensions, we are focused on high-quality products ranging from clip-in extensions to hand-tied wefts and more. Get started shopping for your professional hair extensions supply online today!

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