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About Our Hair Extensions

At Loxxie, you’ll find a variety of the highest-quality extra-hair extensions on the market. Get the facts and explore our featured brands today––you never know when you’ll find the Loxxie product that will make the greatest change in your daily life and boost confidence.

Loxxie has a diverse and extensive selection of extra-hair extensions to choose from, exciting every beauty and hair enthusiast. Since there is no “one size fits all” hair solution for everyone, we’re dedicated to assisting you in locating the most suitable set of extra-hair extensions that can change your life and emphasize your classic beauty.

But first, let’s talk about the different types of hair extensions, so you can get the facts and determine what’s right for your unique needs and what clients rave about.

The three most common types of extra-hair extensions are non-Remy, cuticle Remy, and Remy hair. Remy hair is natural human hair, while non-Remy hair is a popular alternative to real human hair that is smooth and crafted from a synthetic (nonhuman) material. It is recommended that you replace your non-Remy hair every month or two because it has a tendency to become tangled and difficult to manage.


It is essential to keep in mind that Remy hair has the same satiny smoothness as other types, but during the processing, the cuticles are stripped away in an acid bath. Cuticles need to be trimmed in order to clear up any confusion regarding the direction in which the hair is growing. A full head of Remy hair can potentially last for up to four months before it needs to be replaced, provided that it is maintained properly. On the flip side, cuticle Remy hair is naturally thicker than regular Remy hair due to the fact that the cuticle is still intact.

Cuticle-retained gold-standard Remy hair is the only type of hair that can be found for sale in the Loxxie online store. This is because we want to guarantee that our customers receive the highest quality product that is currently available. Cuticle Remy hair is considered to be of the highest possible quality because it is natural human hair that is not processed with any chemicals at any point in the production process.

Silky smoothness can be found all the way from the roots to the tips of our cuticle Remy extra-hair extensions. This is achieved by preserving the natural hair cuticles and ensuring that they all flow in the same direction. When properly cared for, the additional hair extensions that we provide have an average lifespan of six months. You can style this hair just like your own, making getting ready in the morning easy.

Get in touch with us if you have any inquiries regarding the procedure that goes into the production of our extra-hair extensions—we’re here to answer all of your questions!

Loxxie Signature Line

The Loxxie Signature Line of extra-hair extensions are unprocessed from the beginning of their journey to the end, which results in 100% virgin cuticle Remy hair. These extensions are available in a variety of lengths, colors, and textures Whether you are styling your own hair or the hair of a client, the hair that you purchase from Loxxie can be styled in the same way that you would style your own hair. Because the Loxxie Signature Line is offered in such a vast selection of shades and color combinations, you are able to personalize them to meet the requirements of your particular taste. With the assistance of additional hair extensions from Loxxie, you can make your hair either longer or thicker, or even both!

More About Our Extra Hair Extensions

If you want more volume or thickness in your natural hair, your best bet is Loxxie’s extra-hair extensions. Made from cuticle Remy hair, our extra-hair extensions are available in many shades and work with your or your client’s hair texture! Feel like changing up your style or just want to try something new? Or maybe you want to elevate what you already love for a special event––no matter what the occasion is, our extra-hair extensions are available for both individual and commercial use. But why do we offer our best goods to both the general public and professional salons? Because everyone deserves to have the hair they desire, no matter what their goals are.

The creative styling options available to you and your clients from Loxxie are always expanding thanks to your support and the brand’s ongoing research and development of fresh hues and cuts to provide every hair and beauty lover with the widest range of creative styling possibilities. Want to see and touch our masterpieces in person? How about creating and wearing your own custom look? Stop by our location in Halladay, Utah, or give us a call to schedule an appointment!

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