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Loxxie 22″ Genius Weft Whipped Frosting 55 Grams


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Weight5.5 oz
Dimensions34.0 × 3.0 × 0.2 in


22″ Genius Weft Whipped Frosting 55 Grams

Loxxie Hair Extensions are 100% VIRGIN CUTICLE REMY HAIR and Exceptional Quality! Genius Weft Extensions are the new hot thing in the world of extensions. Genius wefts have a small latex bond at the top of the weft making them light weight, ultra-thin, yet the wefts can be cut and customized unlike hand tied wefts. And BONUS- No return hair/beard! Think of a cross between a flat bonded weft and a hand tied weft. You get the best of both worlds!

Not sure how much hair to order? Loxxie genius wefts are sold in 55-gram packages for ultimate color customization! Each genius weft is 33” and can be cut into any size you would like. A minimum of 2 packages (110 grams) is recommended for customers with fine, thin hair. 3-4 packages tend to be the sweet spot for most shoppers. For mega volume and fullness, we recommend 4+ wefts.

3-4 packages:

22” = 165-220 grams

We LOVE seeing Loxxie Hair transformations!  Send us photos or even better, tag us @Loxxiehairextensions on Instagram and Facebook. We want to see you or your clients new, fun, sexy hair!

We’ve been in the hair game for over 24 years and love to share our knowledge.  Check out our education class schedule for upcoming classes and become Loxxie certified!

You just made a great purchase and taking proper care of your new extensions is very important for longevity and happy hair. Without proper aftercare, your extensions (and natural hair) will damage easily making extensions brittle and not last as long as they should.

  • BRUSHbefore washing.  It’s important to gently remove all tangles.  
  • AVOID products containing silicone, protein, and keratin. These ingredients cause extensions to become brittle and fragile.
  • WASHwith professional moisturizing hair care products.  Thoroughly scrub your scalp and in-between rows. Avoid rubbing the ends of your extensions together while washing. This will create tangles. Condition from mid-shaft to ends. We recommend deep conditioning once a week to keep hair soft and moisturized.
  • AVOID EXCESSIVE HEATHair extensions are sensitive to heat, so it’s important to minimize use of hot tools and blow-drying as much as possible.  When using a dryer, it’s recommended to set it on a cooler setting.  Don’t forget to use a heat protectant!
  • SLEEP in a satin bonnet or pillowcase to keep hair tangle free and shiny.
  • USE Argan oil 1-2 times a day to keep extensions moisturized. Since extensions don’t get the natural oils from your scalp, it is important not to skip this step!
  • WASH hair as little as possible, 1-2 washes per week is plenty.  Drying out your extensions from excessive shampooing is a real threat. 

Hard water isn’t good on extensions so, avoid it if possible. Extensions will turn a salmon/pink color and need hard water treatments to get out. Bleaching, perming, or using chemical treatments is a no go. These treatments will ruin your extensions.

Plan on swimming in a pool or ocean?  Well, the bad news is chlorine and salt water are hard on extensions and can often change the tone of your color, damage hair shafts, cause excessive tangling and matting, and more. When in the water, tie hair in a tight bun and keep dry as much as possible. NOTE- Mineral based sunscreens are best for extensions wearers as regular sunscreens cause discoloration.

Follow the above advice to keep your hair looking fantastic!

We’re ready to help, just email or shoot us a text at 801-419-5825


Additional information

Weight5.5 oz
Dimensions34.0 × 3.0 × 0.2 in


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